The Face of Cassia

Mindy and her daughter, Abby, pose for a picture.

Marv Schaar’s Legacy Lives on Through Scholarship Program

Mindy remembers Marv Schaar well. The RN at Park View Care Center in Buffalo, MN, cared for him for a number of years.

“He was such a unique individual,” Mindy says. “He tried to teach me Japanese and I had no idea … He was sharp as a tack … If there was something wrong, he let you know. He was quite the guy.”

She is honored that her daughter, Abby, received one of four scholarships from the Marv Schaar Memorial Scholarship Program. This scholarship is awarded to select Park View staff pursuing further education and career advancement.

“I’m very proud of her,” Mindy says. “I’m glad she’s at Park View. I wish she got to know Marv. He was quiet and stuck to himself, but Abby can squeeze blood out of a turnip. It’s really amazing and I think he would have loved her.”

‘Growing Up’ at Park View

Mindy says Abby has grown up at Park View. Abby began working as a dietary aide there in February of 2018, at the age of 15. Now, she serves as a CNA mentor. As she furthers her education and career at Park View, she is following her mother’s footsteps.

“I grew up at Park View, as well,” Mindy says. “I started at 18 as a nursing assistant … My whole career I’ve been here and I’ve grown. I’m now in staff development. It’s home, it’s family. They’ve seen me grow. I’ve seen others grow. Abby is one of them.”

Abby credits the people at Park View for helping her along the way.

“I’m comfortable with the people there, so I know they’ll help me and work me through the change in positions,” Abby says. “They’ll help guide me and mentor me.”

Increasing the Impact on Others

Abby is studying at St. Cloud Technical and Community College to become a licensed practical nurse, with plans to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She plans to continue working at Park View during and beyond her time in school.

A stint in Bemidji helped her realize she wanted to take this career path.

“Ever since I moved back, I developed a close relationship with my residents,” Abby says. “I want more hands-on training to help them even more in their lives, make even more of an impact on their life.”

In the meantime, Abby knows she can help residents in a very simple and practical way.

“I know I can bring a smile or good time when I come to work,” she says.

Putting Funds to Good Use

Abby appreciates the thoughts and efforts that make the scholarship possible.

“It means a lot that his family made that decision, that he thought highly of Park View, to donate to us and contribute to our education and bring good nurses into Park View and make a difference in residents’ lives,” Abby says.

The funds she receives will help her in a very practical way.

“The money is going to help me further my career because I won’t have to worry about so much stuff financially, like paying for books,” Abby says. “It will help me make sure I have the right materials to help me pass the course and become an LPN.”

Four Deserving Recipients

In addition to Abby, Heather, Vanessa and Abigail received scholarships.

Heather is a care attendant who has worked at Park View Assisted Living since August 2022. She is studying at Ridgewater College to become a certified medical assistant. She plans to travel and care for as many people as possible, including underprivileged individuals. She has helped care for her brother for many years. In her application, she also wrote about holding hands and praying with many people who have passed away.

Vanessa is a care attendant who has worked at Park View Assisted Living since May 2022. She is pursuing her nursing degree with psychology and family studies minors at Viterbo University. She comes from a family of nurses and believes that healthcare is her calling. In middle school, she witnessed nurses caring for her baby sister in the NICU and she wants to be as nurturing as those nurses were.

Abigail started as a home health care aid at Park View Assisted Living when she was 15 and became a CNA at the care center in May 2021, when she was 16. She is working toward her BSN at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. After graduation, she hopes to return to Park View as a nurse. In her application, she wrote that she loves the people she works with and appreciates Cassia’s values.

Generosity Makes it Possible

The generosity of donors, like Marv’s family, help our staff grow and better serve our residents. If you’d like to give a donation for staff scholarships or any other program, please click here.