Marv Schaar Scholarship Winners 2021

Marv Schaar

Marv Schaar was a beloved resident at Park View Senior Health & Living for many years. He was known for his love of genealogy, and the many hours he spent researching family history on He loved to joke and tease the staff, and many considered him a favorite friend. Marv brought out the best in people. He reminded people to look for the joy in the little things.

During his time at Park View, Marv’s nephew, Terry Tombers, visited him regularly. Marv and Terry were very close. When Marv passed away, Terry learned that Marv had included him in his estate plans. Terry used the money to start a fund to provide scholarships for Park View staff pursuing further education and career advancement. Terry continues to give toward this fund today.

We are pleased to announce the 2021 Winners

  • Miranda Werts
  • Heather Zabel
  • Kelly Beaumaster
  • Nicole Fournier
  • Madison Katzenberger

Miranda Werts
“After graduating I plan on continuing my education to receive my BSN. My biggest accomplishment is to be able to make a difference in another person’s life and provide residents with the care they deserve. I was lucky enough to care for Marv (at Park View) and I can agree that he reminded people to look for the joy in things. I’m excited to complete my education and be the nurse the world needs.”

Heather Zabel
“I plan to continue my schooling for my Bachelor’s degree and continue to work with the elderly in long term care. This scholarship will help me ease the burden on my family because with tuition expenses, books and necessary learning expenses these costs would add up.”

Kelly Beaumaster
“I plan on working as a RN for Park View Care Center after graduating from college. This scholarship will make a difference because I will need to cut back my hours at work-going full time to part time in order to concentrate on schooling.”

Nicole Fournier
“My plan after I graduate is to pass the NCLEX and apply for jobs at hospitals. I would enjoy working in the NICU. I was always interested in nursing since I was young. My sister Lindsey had a brain hemorrhage at birth which resulted in her cerebral palsy. In result of disability, growing up I was always interested in learning more about it, thus I chose nursing. To continue to help and inspire people, like people did with my sister.”

Madison Katzenberger
“I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Park View Care Center over the past 14 months, and plan to continue working here during for my 4 years of college; coming home on the weekends, holidays and breaks to work. I cherish the relationships I have made, with both the residents and my coworkers. My position here as a Nursing Assistant has definitely made me realize I do want to have a career as a nurse, and my life goal in life it to improve the quality of life of others and to leave a positive impression on all who I come in contact with.”

Congratulations to each of you!